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Author Topic: Any difference between Scene task and Dashboard 'Lights off' for Milight ?  (Read 1519 times)

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I have 4 scenes setup, one to switch lights on in the morning, one to switch them off again after 45min and a similar pair to switch lights on and off in the evening.

These are directed at 4 Milights, 2 RGB & 2 White via the Wifi controller.

It appears the Scenes run AOK, the task timer updates to indicate they're run. The 'On' tasks are fairly reliable, the 'Off' tasks are not - the lights often flicker briefly but then stay on of some lights go off but others stay on.

Annoyingly, if I goto the Dashboard view of the Vera interface in a web-browser or iOS app and hit the My Shortcut link to 'Lights Off' - it works fairly reliably.

Questions -

* Should the behaviour between the Scene task to switch lights off be any different to the Dashboard command to switch 'Lights Off' ?
* Is there a log-file which might indicate what is happening ?
* Does the Milight plugin do any sanity checking (eg if you send a 'Lights Off' command does it check the command was obeyed and the outcome successful? or if you send a 'Lights On' command, but the light has already been switched on from the remote control, will it leave it 'On' ?)

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Did you ever get a response to this or find a way to make the off command more reliable? Thanks