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Author Topic: openLuup: AV plugins  (Read 35795 times)

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Re: openLuup: AV plugins
« Reply #150 on: February 29, 2016, 10:54:26 am »
I have been reloading using openLuup_reload startup.lua as I thought it needed the startup.lua everytime.
That had me confused.
So is the startup.lua only run the very first time?

Sorry it wasn't clear.  The openLuup_reload loop internally just picks up the last user_data.json file.  The only reason you need a parameter is either for a factory reset, or to configure a new system with a startup.lua file from scratch.  So, yes, startup.lua for the first time, although read on...

And also what is the best practice to load plugins?
Should they be put in startup.lua or just create the device manually?

I always recommend that you keep an up-to-date startup.lua file which reflects any additions you may have made manually.  This just makes it so easy to rebuild from scratch - not that you ever really have to do that.  It would only be in the case of having royally screwed up your current configuration by hacking the user_data.json file or something equally dreadful.  If you do start from scratch you will lose any scene definitions - I have yet to provide an automated solution for that, although it's not too hard to add back manually from a backup.

I have managed to get the ip set but am having problems with the plugin... I can press play and stop but cannot choose playlist or song ?

Can you elaborate on the symptoms?  Is there anything in the log that's relevant?
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