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Hunter Douglas PowerView control with Vera and Amazon Echo

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mike Q:

I can share the details if anyone is interested.

Not really hard.  I use the Amazon Echo / Vera bridge to trigger scenes on Vera.  Those scenes just use the URL interface of the Hunter Douglas PowerView hub.

Cool.  Have you been able to get Hunter Douglas PowerView hub to work directly with Vera?    It seems no one has been able to crack that code.

So, how did you get that to work?    What's the secret, Mike Q?

mike Q:
Yes I have vera talking directly to the PowerView hub.  There's a simple URL interface that you can use to have Vera send a URL to the PowerView Hub via luua code.

The video is showing Echo triggering a scene on Vera.  In that scene, Vera sends a URL command to the PowerView hub.

mike Q:
Here's a quick write up.

You should have already created some scenes on your PowerView hub.  I had open and close scenes for all my blinds as well as some partial open scenes.

Find your hub's IP Address.  I found mine by logging into my router and looking at the devices.

Let's say mine was

Once you have the IP, go to http://Let's say mine was

You'll see something like this:



There should be an entry for each scene you created with the PowerView app.

Next go to a web browser and try each of the "id" numbers with the following URL.  <---enter a scene id here like below and see what happens.  A blind should open or close or do nothing if it is already in the position the scene is trying to set.
Through trial and error, I figured out what each "id" did and wrote it down.

Next, I created scenes on Vera for each scene I had on the PowerView Hub.

Each scene just consists of some luaa code that essentially sends the same url.

So for the first entry in the table, (id 22215) I created a scene in vera called "open family room"

In that scene I added the following luaa code:

local timeout = 5

local status, result = luup.inet.wget("", timeout)

And that's about it.  Now in vera you can launch that scene and your blind will open. 

I used the Amazon Echo Philips Hub emulator that people are using here to control lights to control blinds as well.

The Philips Hub Emulator will have an entry for each scene and when Amazon recognizes the command, will execute the associated scene which will send the URL request to the PowerView hub and you'll have voice control.


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