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Author Topic: Squeezebox Server and Vera - Part I: Displaying cover art for the current song  (Read 13279 times)

Offline Faber Optime

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I like lostramblin am facing probs in UI5, with "Camera URL not valid" shown on dashboard, despite URL confirmed fine in browser and cover art seen fine when viewed in Vera.
Anyone any clues as to how I may be able to troubleshoot/resolve this?

Offline jamesMO

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I can't seem to be able to see the added camera despite the fact that the UI5 says the camera is added. Here are the steps I followed:

1. Add Devices / Manually Add
2. Use the following path: (correct MAC add, not xx)
3. I can see the on the screen that the artwork cover is correct, Click Add
4. Vera says "camera is added"

But I can't seem to be able to find the camera in the devices.

Any thoughts please?

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rekindling an old thread but wondering if anyone has a way of getting streaming media "artwork" as although on the web interface it shows the logo as it pulls it from http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/imda/logos/radio1_logomobile1-1.png

the request as in this post just gives you the default ariel image,