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Author Topic: RFXcom - adding new devices => RFXtrx : CreateNewDevice: invalid arguments  (Read 1818 times)

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I upgraded to UI7 in december and haven't added any new devices to the RFX after the upgrade. When I do try to add devices (AC or ARC, which both are enabled) I get "Vera will reload to validate the changes..." followed by "RFXtrx : CreateNewDevice: invalid arguments" at the top.

I can't figure out what to do. The 433 devices already created work as they are supposed to.

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Hi - did you resolve this? I am having the same issue. It comes up as "Vera will reload to validate changes...." , and then nothing happens!

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I have this issue as well after upgrading to newest firmware on Vera Edge.
I can't manually add a new device for the RFXtrx or start to auto creation mode.

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I meet the same issue with Vera plus after upgrading the last firmware version 1.7.3232.
I have a Rfxtrx with which I created 11 blindcovers Somfy RTS during August 2017.
Now I want to create a new RFY device, and this message appears on screen "Vera will reload to validate changes...." , and after nothing happens.
Any idea to fix that?

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Do not upgrade to new FW, there is a documented bug with ports.
Best to revert to previous software and wait until MIOS fix the problem they created.
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Re: RFXcom - adding new devices => RFXtrx : CreateNewDevice: invalid arguments
« Reply #5 on: December 23, 2017, 04:06:21 am »

I had the same problem (impossible to create new device RFY).

I have downgraded to 1.7.1754 and now it's working fine.

The URL to use for downgrade is http://dl.mios.com/firmware/mt7621/mios/release/mt7621_Luup_ui7-1.7.3015-en-mios.squashfs
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