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Author Topic: Squeezebox Server and Vera - Part III: Cool ideas  (Read 4094 times)

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Squeezebox Server and Vera - Part III: Cool ideas
« on: May 14, 2010, 06:16:51 am »
Cool ideas

  • 3. Play pre-recorded audio files (things get quite complicated if you are going to interrupt and resume the currently playing song for the announcement ...).

  • 4. Use speech synthesis to play arbitrary announcements. MBROLA comes to mind (http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis/), but I do not know whether the MBROLA binary for Vera's hardware platform (Vera V1: BCM5354 rev 2?) is available from the MBROLA project.

  • 5. Display/Announce the caller ID/name of caller (via reverse number lookup).

  • 7. Use the Squeezebox for displaying debug messages.

I have attached the SBS CLI interface specification (SBS 7.5.0), so you can get an idea what is possible (I couldn't convince my PDF converters to format the pages properly).
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