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Author Topic: Is NX6-V2 compatible with NX-586e  (Read 1777 times)

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Is NX6-V2 compatible with NX-586e
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:35:25 pm »
I purchased an NX584e based on the documentation on this site.  Interlogix claims it supports my panel but I have bought two cards and when I try to program it after connecting the card, my system will not accept the programming code.  Remove the module and I can program correctly without issue.  At first interlogix claimed the board needed replacement but after replacement the tech I spoke with indicated there may be issues with this working on the nx-6v2 depending on the firmware.  He suggested that I try the NX-586e instead.  There are many others on this forum with my issue and no resolution.  It appears most folks are using the NX-8 with this module although the documentation indicates with works with the entire family of nx alarm panels.  I was curious if anyone has tried using the NX-586e with any of the NX alarm systems.  I have never muddled in this stuff and while I program for a living, I am still in an area I am not completely familiar with.  I am happy to learn what is needed to do this but at this point I don't have a lot of understanding of how my alarm system works.  While I feel comfortable hooking up a module and following the instructions on how to program it, since I haven't read any information that indicates that this module is supported by the vera plugin, I don't want to buy it to find out it isn't going to work.  If I need to keep the nx-584e and upgrade my panel to an nx8-v2 I can do that.  Obviously that is a lot more work than simply connecting a module to my existing system so I want to go the route that makes most sense.  If anyone has any idea as to whether I can use this module for my existing system and have it communicate with vera, please let me know.  Here is a link to the NX-586e.  Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance.

Oh, and btw, these verification questions are really bad.  I am an engineer and do not remember things like "what newton did to prove the law of gravity" making very difficult to do something simple, post to a forum.

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Re: Is NX6-V2 compatible with NX-586e
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 05:27:20 am »
I'm not familiar with the NX-586e.  As you say, most people here use the on-board serial port of the NX-8e, or use the NX-584 with a plain NX-8 or NX-4.  The latter is what I developed the plugin on.

But looking at the specs for the NX-586e, I don't think it's what you want.  That'll help you to program an alarm panel (which is one of the things that the NX-584 does too) but I don't see any evidence that it can give live data on the state of zones of a running alarm panel.  The Caddx serial protocol is dual-purpose: it's the live state interface that the plugin speaks, not the panel programming interface.  Your technician at Interlogix is probably speaking the truth about compatibility, but might not understand which part of the serial protocol you need.  (I could be completely wrong about this.)

I'm afraid that I've got no idea if the NX-6 is different to the NX-8 or NX-4, or if the v2 suffix has any effect on compatibility.  They aren't sold in my country.  (I even had to import the NX-584.) Hopefully someone with the same panel as you has more information.