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Author Topic: PLUGIN: Edisio Gateway - V0.4 BETA  (Read 2698 times)

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PLUGIN: Edisio Gateway - V0.4 BETA
« on: April 06, 2016, 04:07:40 am »

The Edisio Gateway plugin provides the ability to control your edisio devices from your Vera.
More informations on edisio here : http://www.edisio.com/

The plugin creates new devices (switches, dimmers, sensors, ...) in your Vera corresponding to your edisio network.
These devices appear in the user interface as the others (e.g. Z-wave devices) and can be used in scenes.

For specific manipulations (pair, association), the plugin has its own user interface.

Edisio Gateway is compatible with UI5 / UI7 / ALTUI.
Tests have to be done with openLuup, but it should work too.


Plug the edisio USB dongle into an Vera's USB port.


After installing the plugin, an "Edisio Gateway" device will be created.

Assign the serial port of the dongle to the plugin : go to "Apps/Develop Apps/Serial Port Configuration" and select from "Used by device" drop down list the "Edisio Gateway".
Set the following parameters :
  • Baud Rate : 9600
  • Data bits : 8
  • Parity : none
  • Stop bits : 1

You will certainly need to set the baud parameter on another value, save, and then on 9600. It seems that default values are not saved


Vera must learn the devices from your edisio network.
  • Press (physically) the "R" button on the edisio device you want to add (you can do this on several devices at same time). For a remote, click on the buttons you want to learn.
  • Go in tab "Discovered" in the "Edisio Gateway" plugin.
  • Select all the checkboxes corresponding to the channels which you want to add, and click on the "Learn" button.

After some seconds (reload of the Luup engine), the new devices corresponding to your selected edisio devices, should appear in the user interface.

Teach in

If the edisio device is a receiver, that device must be "paired" with the Vera.
  • Go in tab "Devices" in the "Edisio Gateway" plugin.
  • Click on "Actions" button of your edisio receiver, and click on "Teach in" button.
  • After several "beep" sounds, a continuous "beep" sound indicates the pairing.

After the pairing, you should be able to control this edisio receiver from the corresponding device in the user interface.


You can define a link between your edisio device and another device in your Vera. It allows you to bind devices without having to use scenes.

From the tab "Devices" in the plugin, click on the action "Associate" of the device you wish to link.
Then select the compatible devices and validate.

Association means that changes on the edisio device will be passed on the associated device (e.g. if the edisio device is switched on at 60%, the associated device is switched on at 60% too).


- Poll edisio receivers.
- Association with HA devices (v0.3)
- Compatibility with receiver with more than one output (v0.3)
- Compatibility with motion sensor (v0.5)
- Manage edisio custom parameters (e.g. minimum and maximum light intensity for dimmer device)
- Manage farhenheit, depending of the Vera configuration.
- Discovered edisio device to ignore
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Re: PLUGIN: Edisio Gateway - V0.4 BETA
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2018, 06:56:24 am »
Hi Vosmont,

I recognise this is old and hasnt been updated recently but I've just installed your plugin and have bought one of their light switches and the usb dongle but cant get your plugin to work...

I tried a little while ago and managed to learn the channels of my switch but as they are momentary switches the associated light would switch on, then off again. After several attempts the switch seemed to stop sending signals to the plugin for awhile before it came back to life (maybe hardware going to sleep or something).

Ive just revisited it and now cant even get the plugin to learn the switch channels at all.
Ive deleted the device and recreated the gateway, setup the serial port (set baud to random value then back to 9600 after restart) but still nothing shows up.
uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled and reset up the serail port, and still the same result
In the log however everytime I press a channel I get the following log entry:
Code: [Select]
50      06/09/18 11:50:03.935   luup_log:734: (EdisioGateway::handleCommand)                Get handler for command 'getDevicesInfos' <0x73364520>
50      06/09/18 11:50:03.936   luup_log:734: (EdisioGateway::handleCommand.getDevicesInfos) Get device list <0x73364520>
50      06/09/18 11:50:04.994   luup_log:734: (EdisioGateway::handleCommand)                Get handler for command 'getDevicesInfos' <0x745b2520>
50      06/09/18 11:50:04.995   luup_log:734: (EdisioGateway::handleCommand.getDevicesInfos) Get device list <0x745b2520>
I'm guessing its 2 entries for on and 2 for off but even so theres nothing showing up in the discovered tab...

Hope you can help/point me in the right direction,