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Has anyone been able to get the Intermatic PE653 working with a Vera Edge controller.  I can get it to pair but the controls don't work.  I also can't get the hand held to become a secondary controller.

What software do you have on the PE653? Have you tried reaching out to Vera support? In previous HW/SW there were some settings that needed to be changed to get the remote working as a secondary controller, but I don't recall having any issue with including the relays.

I do have the PE653 (v3.3) working on a Vera Plus, so it is at least compatible with the newer z-wave chipsets, although it was migrated from a vera lite so I am not helpful with the current process of getting it included.

I see a lot of posts from different years (2011-2016)....
And it's fairly split 50/50 of people stating that it works and it don't work with Vera...

I would like to know if PE653 will work straight out of the box with Vera Lite (preferentially UI5), or any other Vera...

I called Intermatic today and the Technician said it will NOT work with Vera or any other controller....

It most certainly does NOT work with any Vera for most of it's functions.  Strangely, the PE653 uses z-wave to communicate with its own remote handheld remote, but does not play well with other z-wave controllers. It can be used as a z-wave controller for other modules, just like your Vera does, but connecting a PE653 to a Vera so you can monitor and control it through the Vera, is at this time, a completely lost cause.

I would hire a developer to get this set-up (in a couple of ways) but have so far been unsuccessful in finding anybody to do it for me.

I am running UI5, Vera firmware 1.5.622, Z-Wave 3.20, and Multiwave firmware version 3.4.  I don't have everything working yet, but I was able to successfully add the PE653 to Vera and Vera can control the 5 circuits.  She can also display the temperature.  I have a Pentair VS pump, and Vera cannot control my pump yet.  I have also been unable to make my PE953 a secondary controller, but I think I can fix that if I spend a little more time on it. 
I wouldn't say it is easy, but it does kind of work, and Intermatic claims that firmware version 3.5 is coming out soon and will function much better with Vera.  Their timelines are not very accurate, but I don't think they have abandoned Multiwave yet.


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