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Author Topic: Partial open/close blinds with Somfy ZRTSII & Somfy RTS 50 TILT blind motor  (Read 1715 times)

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I am controlling a Somfy horizontal blind and a roller shade using a Vera Plus/UI7 via a Somfy ZRTSII z-wave to RTS bridge however I am not able to partially open (i.e. tilt) the horizontal blinds. As soon as I move the slider to a different % level, the blind completely tilts closed (in response to set loadLevel). 

I have scoured the forum threads and have seen where people state that their Somfy is working "perfectly" but no mention of partial open/close.  Have others have figured out the solution to this problem or found a work-around?

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Somfy RTS only supports open/close/stop and a pre-recorded "My" position recorded in the motor.  So the slider wouldn't apply when controlling RTS motors, even through a Z-Wave bridge (ZRTSI).  I am pretty sure that the My position can be recorded for a tilt position, for roller shades it is used to record an intermediate position in the window.  You could try recording the My position with your handheld Somfy remote and then activating it via Vera by sending a stop command once the shade/blind is stopped (My button is also the stop button on the remote, if pressed when already stopped it sends the shade to its recorded My position.)
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