Author Topic: Change display of door/window sensor  (Read 629 times)

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Change display of door/window sensor
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:10:49 pm »
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this..  I think it's sufficiently a "beginner" problem that hopefully it fits, otherwise, please feel free to move it or direct me elsewhere..

I have a basic Vera UI7 system, and although I have a bunch of light switches hooked up, I haven't done anything fancy with it yet..

My issue is that I have 3 Aeon ZW-089 sensors hooked to gates and doors around my house.  They work great in my Vera, but my problem is that the icon I get is a little sensor that either has the "radio rainbow" grey or red to indicate open or not...  I find it unnecessarily hard to remember which state represents "open" and I'm wondering if there's a way to change this thing in Vera to just display "Bedroom Door OPEN" or "Bedroom Door Closed".  I'd even be willing to generate a new 'fake' device which would be triggered through a scene by the sensor, to display whether the door is closed or not, but I'm not sure how to do this..

How do others do this?  the display as it is, would be acceptable to the typical geek, as I'm sure eventually I'd get used to which state it was in, but certainly before we can expect this stuff to be acceptable by a casual user (typical mom/grandma non-geek) it has to speak "english" and not represent the door state with this generic icon..

Am I missing something very basic? 

Thanks in advance..  I'm really excited about the possibilities of this system, but I'm finding it really difficult to customize in the short time I've had it!