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Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Reply #45 on: January 29, 2018, 08:08:28 pm »
Same issue, the device will pair, show temp, light, and humidity.  I can arm the device, but never get a motion detection.  Battery level indication seems to function fine.  I have included/excluded several times, all with the same result.

Getting so tired of this thing not working right.  Guess I will never get the thing working right.  Can't see returning it as everyone says it does work, how I don't know.  Any willing to share their device params and variables to compare?


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Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Reply #46 on: February 15, 2018, 03:01:59 pm »
I finally got mine working!!  Long post, but here's detailed directions on what I did.  Hopefully it works for others, too.

Like many others, I've had problems trying to configure my Zooz ZSE-40 4-in-1 multisensor with my Vera controller (a VeraSecure, in my case).  By the time I'd recognized that it wasn't detecting motion at all, it was too late to return, and as others seemed to be getting it working somehow, it felt like a waste to throw it away.   It's been a frustrating experience, but after many hours of experimentation and false starts, and trying to put together some of the many fragments of information on various forums, I finally got all 4 sensors working, including the elusive motion.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to posting information on their own efforts.  I've retried this three times and it seems to consistently work, using two Zooz units which didn't detect motion before.

Pair Zooz ZSE40 with VeraSecure.  The critical part of this step is in tricking the controller into pairing it as a Vision 4-in-1 ZP3111-5, which I'm guessing must have hardware similarities to the Zooz.

Pair ZSE40 with Vera initially:
From the "Devices" main page:
"Add Device" / Sensors / Vision 4-in-1 Motion Sensor (ZP3111-5)

Note how the Vision 4-in-1 Motion Sensor looks rather similar to the Zooz 4-in-1 sensor...
Also, the directions say to press the program switch once with the paperclip to begin the pairing process, but the Zooz switch needs to be pressed TWICE with the paperclip.

The new paired device should initially appear as an Off/On type device, and the Temperature, Light, and Humidity Sensors will appear after a bit.

1) Wake up the sensor by clicking the Z-wave button once (NOTE: anytime you see a red status message that Vera is waiting for device to wakeup, you can do this to wake up the device and allow communication to continue)

In the Vera online (browser) interface:
2) Devices > within 10 seconds, turn the sensor switch ON before the device goes back to sleep
3) Devices > select the sensor > Advanced
4) Go to the Params tab and make the following changes:
- device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:MotionSensor:1
- device_file: D_MotionSensor1.xml
- device_json: D_MotionSensor1.json
Click Back, then Save Changes.
Click Back to go to main Device page.

Go to:  Settings / Z-Wave Settings / Advanced /
Click on "Reload Engine"
Go back to Device page

Select the Zooz Motion device, and go back into the configuration pages.
Device Options
Add Configuration Settings
"Add configuration settings" / "Save Changes"
(This will simply create a Variables option, which we'll edit next)

"Variables" tab
Edit the last box "VariablesSet"
Paste this into box (everything inside the quotes, to replace the existing value): 

(See more detailed notes on this below. While these aren't listed on the device literature as needing to be set, I found that my device didn't seem to start functioning as a motion sensor until after I put in values, so I *think* that one or more of these may be required for the device to start functioning as a motion sensor)

Save changes
Go back a page.
If you see red notice "Waiting for wakeup to configure device", then use paperclip to press Z-Wave button once to wakeup device and allow communication with Vera controller.

You should see the following Vera status messages appear at some point:
Setting special configuration
Setting user configuration (this may last a long time)

Go to Settings / Z-Wave Settings / Advanced
Click on "Reload Engine" again for good measure
Go back to Devices

Leave the ZSE-40 immediately next to your Vera controller for a while to allow further configuration.  At some point here, if it?s worked, your Zooz will acquire consciousness and begin detecting motion.   Mine took maybe 10 minutes or so, and began to indicate motion sensor activity (as noted by the little "swimmer" icon on the device logo turning red to indicate motion detection, even when it's disarmed).  Or for better confirmation, you could go back into the device settings, select "Notifications", and set it to notify you if armed and detecting motion.

Go back into ZSE-40 settings
Select "Settings" / Wakeup interval: change to a value (in seconds) that the device will update temp, humidity, and light parameters (I picked 1800, for half hour updates). The more often it wakes up, the shorter the battery life will likely be.


The following info is from the Zooz product literature.  Each "Parameter" they describe below is set in the device under Advanced / Variables, in the "VariablesSet" box.  In the above example (1,1d,01,2,1d,30,3,1d,10,4,1d,10,5,1d,3,6,1d,4,7,1d,3)  the first three numbers are used to set Parameter 1 (i.e. Parameter 1, 1 byte dec, value of 01).  The next three numbers, starting with "2" set Parameter 2.  And so on.   

In my own setup, note that I changed Parameter 2 (temperature change) to a value of 3. My theory is that this will result in fewer device wakeups due to temperature changes, and hopefully a longer battery life).


Use Parameter 1 (size 1 byte dec) to switch from Celsius (value 0x00) to Fahrenheit (value 0x01) scale.
Use Parameter 2 (size 1 byte dec) to set temperature change to be reported by the sensor. Values from 1 to 50, where 1 stands for 0.1 degree and 50 stands for 5 degrees. Default set to 1 degree (value 10) ? the sensor will report new temperature value to the controller whenever temperature goes 1 degree up or down.

Reports relative humidity. Use Parameter 3 (size 1 byte dec) to set humidity percentage change to be reported by the sensor. Values from 1 to 50 where 1 stands for 1% and 50 stands for 50%. Default set to 10%

Use Parameter 4 (size 1 byte dec) to choose light percent- age change to be reported by the sensor. Values from 5 to 50 where 5 stands for 5% and 50 stands for 50%. Default set to 10%.

Use Parameter 5 (size 1 byte dec) to set trigger interval the time when motion is reported again after initial trigger. Values from 1 to 255 where 1 stands for 1 minute and 255 stands for 255 minutes. Default set to 3 minutes.
NOTE: Small interval will increase activity and affect battery life.
Use Parameter 6 (size 1 byte dec) to adjust PIR sensor sensitivity (value from 1 to 7). 1 = very high sensitivity. 7 = very low sensitivity. Default set to 4.

Led indicator will ash every 3 minutes or whenever you press the Z-Wave button to indicate temperature level.
How to read led indicator colors?
Green = under 60F / 
Blue = 60-75F
  / Yellow = 75-83F / 
Purple = 83-97F / 
Red = over 97F / motion detected / tamper switch triggered
Use Parameter 7 (size 1 byte dec) to choose between led indicator modes (value from 1 to 3).
Mode 1 = led indicator is turned off (no visual notifications). Mode 2 = temperature indicated with pulsing light. Motion indicated with flashing light.
  Mode 3 = Temperature and motion indicated with flashing
light. Default set to mode 3.
NOTE: Mode 2 will increase activity and affect battery life.
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Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Reply #47 on: February 18, 2018, 04:54:59 pm »
And on to the next issue with my Zooz motion sensor   >:(

Although Vera now correctly detects it as a motion sensor, AND it actually detects motion (it will correctly send me a notification if it's armed and detects motion),  neither of the motion sensors appear in the Preset Modes list for configuring My Modes (i.e. Home, Away, Night, Vacation). So I don't have any way to automatically arm them when switching to Away, for example.

Anyone else having this issue or have any ideas how to fix it?


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Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Reply #48 on: February 21, 2018, 01:06:45 am »
I'll answer my own question above, which Support helped me out with.

The above procedure resulting in a Category setting of 11 (generic device) in the motion sensor settings.

Changing the Category to 4 and Subcategory to 3 solved the problem.

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Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Reply #49 on: February 21, 2018, 05:06:10 am »
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Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Reply #50 on: March 03, 2018, 06:15:23 pm »
This sensor (or maybe the Vera) is a bit of an adventure.
I have a VP and a VE. I have a bunch of monoprice and Zooz versions of this sensor running on my VP.
I was on a business trip and came back to two of my sensors being out of battery. As usual, I go to swap the batteries out, One comes back, the other does not. I am having to remove inclusion and add it back. Well guess what? On the latest firmware on the VP it will get stuck at "exchange secure class keys".
I tried both the Monoprice and the Zooz and they behave the same way.
I go to try the inclusion on my spare VE on the same firmware and... they both include no problem, just needs a few manual configuration but the secure class is not a problem.
So I have a problem with my VP, not sure if it is because I have a lot of devices or if it is a firmware problem (7.0.25)... Same device included fine a year before... Such a pain.
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