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Author Topic: VeraPlus - Starting over to resolve my issues? But which option? Ugh!  (Read 779 times)


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Support has recommended I start building my Z-wave network from scratch and they believe my upgrade from UI5 VeraLite (instead of a clean install) back when I started is the root cause of many of my issues and suggested that the upcoming firmware update will not address these issues. Building my Z-Wave network from scratch is what I am supposed to do.  (would have been nice to have this articulated 5 months ago...)

I have a some scenes and PLEG items and a ton of virtual switches.  Is there a way to reset my z-wave network so that it builds from scratch without deleting these items?  (In particular my Virtual Switches).  Even if I had to go into each scene and correct them for the proper "new" devices that would still be easier than creating everything from scratch.

Also I searched the documentation but found conflicting info out there on which option I actually want to do

What is the difference between:

"Reset Z-Wave Network" and "Reset Z-Wave Chip" and "Reload Engine"

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The sad truth is that rebuilding your network from scratch will NOT resolve your issues. Many Many of us have tried it and it did nothing to fix the persistent issues. I was in your shoes. They told me to rebuild a setup from scratch that I had worked on for almost 4 years. Lost tons and tons of customization, apps, devices, Lua code, scenes, everything. I lost it all. The ONLY things that remained after a full factory reset & rebuild, were the PROBLEMS. Nothing else, lol :)

Best of luck with your rebuild though. As far as I know, there's no way to reset the zwave network, and a factory reset, and then only partially restore the configuration.


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yes - I was just reading your thread Jumper.  It sounds like I got what you had.  Not feeling confident about the rebuild - I too have a ton of custom stuff built up slowly over 4 years. 
(I've also downloaded the Homeseer trial...)
I will be even more frustrated if I rebuild and I still have the issues.
I dread starting with something new but probably dread the thought of rebuilding on the Vera only to continue to have issues.  I've been "living with the issues" for 5 months now.