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Author Topic: Qubino Shutter Flush  (Read 2391 times)

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Qubino Shutter Flush
« on: July 21, 2017, 04:07:44 pm »
Hi, I've installed three Qubino Roller Shutter on our zip-screens (Somfy RT motors) but it only works ramdom and now the Controller on the Wall now also works random. Anyone who also have had tjis problems? Tried to recalibrste but the calibration is working also on random.

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Re: Qubino Shutter Flush
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2018, 04:53:50 pm »
I brought five Qubino shutters (ZMNHCD1) and manage to easily integrate all of the in my Z-Wave Network (Vera Plus Controller).

After three week without any alteration on the system, one of the shutters just stopped working. When we gave the open or close command (or up or down) the shutter started to go up or down but in the same second it stopped.

I managed to change the parameter 76 to zero (motor operation detection) and that way It started working again. I realize that the functioning power reported to Vera was very small (between 0 and 15 Watts) when normally it's between 120 and 160 W in up or down direction). So that I can regulate the %, I activated the parameter 74 with the time it took the shutter to open.

One week later, this appended to another shutter... Same thing same solution.

For now, I have 3 shutters reporting the correct power to Vera and working how it should (with parameter 76 by default with the value 10 and parameter 74 with zero value) and 2 shutters where I had to change the parameter, after they being working flawless for three weeks.

Maybe this is the same problem you are experimenting.

Hope it helps and hope someone could help me realize what's going on...

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Re: Qubino Shutter Flush
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2018, 02:20:27 am »
I have 9 of these qubino 240v flush shutter devices and this happens (stopping before reaching stop points and having to tweak parameters 76, 78 and 85) with two of them.

I can?t really work out why except one is a curtain and different motor, the other a blind but if shorter width which seems to create havoc with the power draw.

That is, the power to go down on the blind is ~9w, when it reaches the bottom stop, power goes to ~20w, and going up power is ~30w. It reaches the top stop and turns off automatically fine. The qubino seems to expect the power draw when in motion to be higher than when it reaches the stop point which causes the confusion and the blind stopping prematurely.