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New AutoView Z-Wave Somfy Motors from Bali

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I have ordered the "AutoView" motorized blinds from Bali that are Z-Wave enabled. Does anyone know if it will
work with UI5 on a Vera2? This is replacing their RTS motors that you had to buy a separate ZRTSI (Z-Wave)
controller to convert the radio signal to Z-Wave. I know that the ZRTSI will work, just wondering about the new
"AutoView" motors.

If they are Z Wave+, then no.You need UI6 of higher to drive them.
Welcome to the world of UI7 and all of it's associated misery.

Ohh I did not even know that such motors exist. Are they more than the RTS ones? I am in the middle of an order so I am very interested to know

Seem to be about the same price except you don't have to spend the $300 for the Somfy ZRSTI RTS to Z-Wave interface controller.

They are Z-Wave+. Graber and Bali are manufactured by Springs Window Fashions (bali is their mass market brand) and we have sold quite a large number of the Graber versions of them known as virtual cord in the SmartThings community. They should come with a remote as well which also works over z-wave +.

Also one point I would like to specifically mention is the motor and z-wave system was designed by springs window fashions, Somfy simply manufactures and provides the warranty on them. (Based on the info we have been provided)

Hope that helps.


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