Author Topic: New AutoView Z-Wave Somfy Motors from Bali  (Read 9011 times)

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Re: New AutoView Z-Wave Somfy Motors from Bali
« Reply #30 on: May 11, 2017, 12:43:40 pm »
awesome info, thank you!

I wish the single channel remotes had multiple presets/buttons and you could pair each preset with different set of shades. I have a room with 2 + 4 + 3 ... all within the same viewing area but want them controllable together and each set separately.  Looks like I'll mount an old android phone/tablet to the wall for ease of use and guests.

How do you like the shades? Quiet? Smooth? Syncronize properly? etc

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Re: New AutoView Z-Wave Somfy Motors from Bali
« Reply #31 on: May 11, 2017, 01:12:36 pm »
How do you like the shades? Quiet? Smooth? Syncronize properly? etc

They're not terribly quiet, but not noisy or bothersome.  You certainly hear them when operating, but you can easily carry on a conversation at a normal level.

They're smooth operating, and have a nice feature where the motors turn off about a second before the final position they've been commanded to, allowing their kinetic energy to finish the last few rotations.  Quite slick.

From the factory, their "Up" limit is set to a nice tight (but not overly tight!) compression of the cells flat, and the "Down" limit is set to exactly the length that you specified when ordering.  I found that spot-on; the bottom of the blind just barely rests on the bottom sill, and touches it gently (no sound).   The "Home" setting is exactly 50% of their "Up" and "Down" limits by default.  Everything is programmable if not quite right for your needs.  When I command all three blinds of the Living Room bay window set to "Home", they all look nice and parallel across the three windows.

I have just one blind (of ten) that hangs a little further down on the right than on the left.  It's a small flaw, but noticeable.  I have a request in for warranty repair/replacement on that one.

When you use the single-channel remote or a Vera scene to signal all blinds in a set to do something (up/down/home), they don't necessarily all move at once.  Sometimes they do, but there's often a lag between the signals reaching the binds to start their movement.  So it's not always as pretty as you'd like to see, i.e. all moving in unison.  But no biggie.

Rarely, one blind might miss the signal altogether, so you have to wait for the other blinds to complete their movement and then re-send the command to get the final blind to move.  This doesn't happen often enough to be a real problem.

The blinds themselves are very good looking.  I ordered the double-cell "Daybreak Piazza 3410" for all ten, and love it.  They let a little filtered light through, but are completely opaque from the outside.  The hardware is top-notch.  The dimensions were spot-on to what I ordered, and so their installation was fast and simple.

One minor but "shouldn't happen" inconvenience is that the batteries in the remotes were under 50% full charge, as received from the factory.  Once I got them hooked up to Vera, you can see their battery charge indicator, and they were all in the 7% to 50% range.  Most were in the 20-40% range, so I had to spend another $20 for 20 new batteries (

I ran hard-wiring to each of my blinds, using a 20A 12VDC switching power supply in my attic (, and micro-USB cables (  I cut off the "big end" and used the red and black power wires only.  This gave a nice and neat appearance, and I don't have to worry about replacing batteries.  But it was a major hassle during the ordering process to be "permitted" to NOT order any power supply (no wall warts; no battery pack) with the blinds.  They insist on ordering their $49 wall-warts, even if I was just going to throw them out.  It took several calls and supervisor involvement before it was "OK"d to ship without any power supplies.  As such, they all came with a "Custom order" designation, which adds some restrictions on my return/replace options.  Ridiculous, I know.



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Re: New AutoView Z-Wave Somfy Motors from Bali
« Reply #32 on: June 11, 2017, 12:02:57 am »
I'm interested in your last paragraph - you hard-wired your windows for low voltage power.  How did you know these Autoview motors are 12V and not 24V?