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Author Topic: HVAC device keep showing 0.0 degrees instead of current setpoint... BUG?  (Read 386 times)

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I'm using VERAEDGE UI7.
I have a mySensors DIY device to control my HVAC system at home.
I use Vear UI to change the setPoint on my HVAC.
When I go to Dashboard or Devices I see the HVAC device show 0.0deg as the current setpoint.
I put it on cool mode and manually change the temperature to 25.0 deg and it's sends the message to my device.
Now after I reload the page of either dashboard or devices the setpoint shows 0.0 deg agian.
when i go to Advanced->variables I see that the "CurrentSetpoint Heat" is set to 25.0, which is wired beacause I've set the cool setpoint.
Iv'e checked my device and I see that it received a message to set the temperature to 25.0 as a Setpoint heat.

Any ideas? known issues and how to fix it?