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Author Topic: Can't modify/create VeraAlerts since upgrading VeraPlus to latest firmware  (Read 595 times)

Offline wreston

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I'm unable to create/modify any VeraAlerts since updating my VeraPlus firmware to the latest level (1.7.2044).

Pushover and Sonos alerts that I created prior to the firmware upgrade continue to work correctly.

Every time I open the VeraAlerts Edit option, it reports that "9 Device Notifications were updated."  Clicking on "Reload Lua" doesn't do anything.

I've opened a case with Vera Support, but so far they haven't been helpful.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

VeraPlus UI7 Firmware = 1.7.2044
VeraAlerts Version = 7.13

Offline lepverde

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I have the same issue after upgrading to 1.7.830 and ask the same question; RTS said that the latest firmware basically broke VeraAlerts: