Author Topic: Integrating low-voltage outdoor lighting into Vera, for systems with zones.  (Read 61 times)

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I'm helping out friend with his Vera Plus and he is having his low-voltage outdoor lighting installed soon.  They are using Unique Lighting products ( they come with their own control system/apps, but I don't want to use this and prefer to integrate into Vera ie. ZWAVE.  I'm not sure exactly the best way to proceed and hoping for some advice as he plans to have 3 separate zones set up.  They said that they have all the wiring/zones go to one box/brain then that gets powered by one transformer ($400 ea)...

1) Is the school of thought to have each zone directly wired to say a transformer then somehow to a zwave device as no physical switches are needed.

2) Are there any zwave devices that could go in the line of each zone before it gets to the box/brain that would enable the lighting to be controlled?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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