Author Topic: Fibaro dimmer FGD-212 with Saturn Clipsal and Vera Edge  (Read 21 times)

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Fibaro dimmer FGD-212 with Saturn Clipsal and Vera Edge
« on: October 12, 2017, 07:18:51 am »
Hi All,
I live in Australia and I've been having an ongoing issue trying to get the Fibaro Dimmer (FDG-212) to work in conjunction with Saturn Clipsal wall switches with in-built blue LED backlight.

I have recently installed a couple of Fibaro Dimmer FDG-212 in my living and dining room and can control them perfectly using the Vera Smart Home App.  The problem here is, in order to turn off the lights manually using the Clipsal Switch, I need to push the button 3 times rapidly and then only will the lights turn off(see attached short video).  Also trying to dim the lights manually at the Clipsal Switch, its either 100% bright or 10% dim but I can't control the level of brightness when the button is pressed and held in (again it works fine using the Vera App).

It is absolutely driving my wife insane and has been giving me grief for having changed the switches and installed dimmers without her knowledge. 

Any ideas and help how I can get all this to work would be much appreciated.  Also I am happy to pay any installers in the Perth Area who can help configure this all for me.

Thank you