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Author Topic: Interest in Sitesage Energy Monitoring Plugin?  (Read 662 times)

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Interest in Sitesage Energy Monitoring Plugin?
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:45:58 am »
Hi folks -

Not sure if many of you are familiar with sitesage; I just fired it up a couple weeks ago and I get near real time data (1 minute polling) about every individual electric circuit in my house.   Just found out I'm spending $20 a month on my flat screen television even with it turn off  :-[  Hello Aeotec Z-wave appliance controller and openLuup workflow to automatically switch power off when I'm not watching TV.   :)

Anyway - it's a relatively expensive system (around $500-600 i think) and not sure if anyone else uses it. If you do please respond below - if there is enough interest I will happily write a plugin to integrate it into openLuup.   I will do my best to make sure its Vera UI5 and Vera UI7 compatible as well! 

Also - I have zero interest in them as a company at all.  just a happy consumer and want it integrated into openluup/vera, and already kinda know how I would code it leveraging the other great data tracking plugins built by others. BUT, if its just me who would be using the plugin its harder to justify spending a couple weekends putting it all together :)


ps - if you google them their website is very "corporate".  here's a video of what it actually does.