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TP-Link Smart Plug HS110

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Newbie question ... (Have I wasted my money?)

I have a TP-Link Smart Plug HS110 ...

How do I get it added into my VeraPlus version: 1.7.2138?

I have searched this forum on "TP-Link" and HS110 ... found nothing on this WiFi plug.

You probably did waste your money. You or someone else will need to figure out how the plug works and how to control it, probably by issuing commands via HTTP URLs. The fact that it works with Alexa tells me that it shouldn't be too difficult to do.

After figuring out how it works, it will then be necessary to write some code, better yet a plugin, to control the plug from Vera. No one's done that yet. Perhaps you can.

Greatly appreciate the response!

We pay for education in many ways, I should've done more research.  The plug still works very well for my purpose using the Kasa app, just not going to be able to monitor/control it from Vera.

I'll have to depend on somebody else to do that coding ... not my forte.   :)

What would be a good recommendation for an alternative to the HS110 that does work with Vera?

There are several switchable Z-Wave receptacles available including:

GE 12719 Z-Wave Appliance Module, Plug-In

Aeon Labs ZW075-A02 Smart Switch Gen5

Aeon Labs ZW096-A02 Smart Switch 6, Gen5 - Variable LED can

Greatly appreciate the guidance ... Thx!


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