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Author Topic: My Vera Plus 1786 to 2138 update procedure, issues, and resolve  (Read 1350 times)

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My Vera Plus 1786 to 2138 update procedure, issues, and resolve
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:30:34 am »
I am posting in case this is helpful to someone.

Before update:
1) First backup Z-Wave, then backup to local storage.
2) Download both firmware files just in case
Post 40 has the latest 2138 file.
3) Reboot Vera via Net/WiFi Settings This can help avoid issues...
4) Make sure you are locally connected and logged in.
Note: My Vera is configured with WiFi OFF.  It is cable connected.

1) Start update, wait at least 15 minutes.
2) My update count up timer kept going beyond 15 minutes.
3) I restarted the device via a power pull.

Post update issues and resolve:
After the update, I noticed the following:
1) I can no longer connect locally, I had to connect via relay/web to get to Vera.
2) Vera reporting that it cannot connect to my local devices (cameras, Harmony Hub, etc.)
3) WiFi defaulted to ON AND was stuck ON:
3a) Even when I toggled WiFi off, restarted, etc., WiFi was still on.
My theory was that my local devices could not connect AND I could not locally connect to Vera was due to the fact that WiFi was stuck on and there was some sort of network config corruption.

The resolve was to "Reset to default network settings" (Settings/Net & WiFi).  Since I have a static DHCP assigned to Vera, I knewI will get the same IP after reset.  After the reset, I was able to locally connect to Vera and all my local devices connected fine.  I was also then able to disable WiFi on Vera.

Reading other posts in this Forum, I guess I should feel lucky that this was the only issue I had from the update...