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Author Topic: Seeking Help / Suggestions on best / Easy IR solution  (Read 1064 times)

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Seeking Help / Suggestions on best / Easy IR solution
« on: February 12, 2017, 11:34:20 am »
I hope this is posted in the right location, and I apologies if this has been covered before.

I am looking for suggestions to find the right IR system for my setup. I want to make sure I order the necessary components to make it all work. Most of my home theatre remote control needs are actually handled by an IP based network connection from my MiCasaVerde UI5. I however have one device which I need to be able to change inputs on via IR as there is no other communication methods on it.
I have done a bit of research and I see a few options but I wanted to reach out to the community for some pros and cons or perhaps even alternatives I haven?t thought about. My ideal would be something that is relatively easy to setup and integrate as well.
Logitech Harmony (Estimate $200)
    - I believe I need the Hub plus the Hub Extender?
   - MiCasaVerde App Plugin
SQ Blaster ($140 used)
   - Outdated and appears not to be available
   - Complicated Programing
   - MiCasaVerde Compatible
   - Code Library for easier programming
USB-UIRT ($63)
   - Complicated Setup & Coding

Global Cache IP2IR iTach Wired TCP/IP to IR ($91)
   - Network based but still complicated coding.
On another note, I am also looking for a device to physically push a button on and or off as I have a device that cannot be automated any other way. I was thinking a 12volt trigger or some relay solenoid would work but hoping to find something Z-Wave compatible.

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Re: Seeking Help / Suggestions on best / Easy IR solution
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2017, 05:34:08 pm »
Global Cache IP2IR iTach Wired TCP/IP to IR ($91)

This would be my vote.  You can use it with Vera, as well as other applications like iRule and Roomie Remote/Simple Control.

And if you are still UI5, you likely can control without code, although I am not sure that is the best plan.  You can load the GC-100 plug-in, then add the IR file via Devices/Add Devices/Add IR device (using ports created by GC-100 plugin). 

I use Lua for mine without a plug-in, on UI5...
Long Live UI5!  (OK finally made the switch to UI7 in January 2018, and am pretty happy....)