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Just replaced a Levitron switches since it was periodically generating "Sorry Node Reports its Busy", the new switch is also displaying the same message, what could be the issue?

Open a ticket, it has something to do with Vera. Vera has known about it for months.

I've seent his with Leviton devices.  Did they fix it for you?  What was the fix?

Hi Guys,

I don't want to be the negative guy in the party but this error occurs when Vera sends a command to a device, and device reports Ack as busy. This is not a bug in Vera software . This happens for example with garage door openers who have "dead times" defined by manufacturer so you can't trigger too fast in a short period of time.

I;ve seen it indeed with switches as well, and the only solution is to exclude the device, reset it if possible, and re-include.

John M,

I don't think the problem is the message itself. I expect this message if I send two commands to my garage opener with a very short interval. The problem with the Vera is that the message does not go away almost no matter what. It sticks there forever even after I send a command to poll or configure the device. The "poll success" or Configuration completed" messages show up behind the red "Sorry Node Reports its Busy". It is more of an annoyance than anything and does not affect functionality but it is an eye sore for people who look at the UI.


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