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Author Topic: Vera Portal - "Invalid name" Error when adding Devices / Scenes  (Read 1308 times)

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I get the below error with NO WAY to know what is causing it... classic Vera coding! 

All it does is highlight 1 item at a time... so if you have 10 items causing the error, you have the click 'Finish' 10 times and search your list for the red-outlined item.

I suspect the names are too long but in perfect Vera style error trapping (which is as good as my 2 year old when you ask him what's wrong, "I sad daddy") it does not tell you what the problem is.

You have one or more selections with an invalid name. Please correct this by using the custom name fields and try again."

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Re: Vera Portal - "Invalid name" Error when adding Devices / Scenes
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Sad!  :'(

Pretty sure extended characters are a no-no. I had some, cleaned them up. Agreed on the error messaging, it's typically a treasure hunt.
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