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Author Topic: SPOONFEED - i need 2 devices in Vera with only one MiLight WiFi controller.  (Read 1165 times)

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If this has been answered before, forgive me, i couldn't find it.  I installed a MiLight RGBW bulb along with the wifi bridge on channel 1.  Then installed the plugin and it is working flawless (with that one bulb).  It worked so good, I added another bulb but this time on channel 2 (on on my night stand, the other on the wife's), both work independently from the android app.

I didn't think nothing of it until i went to the plugin in Vera, then i started to wonder how/if the second bulb (on channel 2) would show-up separately somewhere?

I still only see one device in Vera and i don't see where another can be created, so question is:  Can i have only one bridge and control 2 bulbs individually on separate channels?

Thanks in advance. 

EDIT:  Found the answer after fumblin' around for a while.  Something told me to go to the app section to see what's in the help file of the plugin and low and behold! there is where you can create another device!  So..
create another device
Input the IP address (in my case it's the same as the other device since i only have one bridge)
and the key is to go to the device's ADVANCE > VARIABLE > group and input the "zone" number (in my case "2").
Reload and Voila!  Works flawless!  I can control 2 bulbs independently having only one bridge.

This plugin works perfect, i would pay for it.

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