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Author Topic: Option to exchange your Vera 1 for a Vera 2  (Read 10685 times)

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Option to exchange your Vera 1 for a Vera 2
« on: August 06, 2010, 02:00:44 pm »
In 2008 and 2009, Mi Casa Verde sold a "Vera 1" model that included a removable dongle.  In January 2010, we began shipping our new "Vera 2" that comes with a battery pack and built-in Z-Wave.

Some additional features of the new Vera 2 product are: The new setup wizard is built around Vera 2, as is the new documentation, Vera 2 also has more memory in it and is able to run a newer version of the Linux operating system than Vera 1.

Also, we now have a new version of our software (firmware) that includes a new user interface called UI4.  UI4 supports the latest Z-Wave devices and has several new enhanced features. We did our best to make it backwards-compatible so existing Vera 1 users could benefit from it as well.

To show appreciation to our loyal customers,  if you are interested in upgrading to the Vera 2, Mi Casa Verde will be subsidizing the cost to swap Vera 1 with Vera 2 for $89. Vera 1 customers can visit this page [Link removed by Administrator - no longer valid]  and obtain a Vera 2 for $119. If we receive your Vera 1 back within 4 weeks, we will refund $30 back to your credit card.

The Vera1 upgrade promotion expired in December 2010
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