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Author Topic: Configuring multi-channel device association  (Read 1937 times)

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Configuring multi-channel device association
« on: December 14, 2016, 10:52:00 pm »
Has anyone successfully associated an endpoint on an Aeon Labs Smart Power Strip (AL-DSC11) with a switch?  I am trying to configure a Linear WT00Z-1 as a simple switch (no 3-way or anything fancy).  I was able to create Group 1 and associate it with a single channel GoControl Smart Plug-In which works fine.  But what I really want is to associate the switch with an endpoint on an Aeon Labs Smart Power Strip (AL-DSC11).  But haven't figured out the voodoo to make this work.  In device option settings for the association group on the Linear switch, I selected the power strip parent device and entered the id for the endpoint child device in the multi-channel text box.  That didn't work, so I tried entering the altid for the endpoint which is e1.  That threw an error so I tried just entering 1 thinking maybe that was the correct endpoint number, but no luck.  I also tried entering numbers 2 through 4 just to see if I could control ANY endpoint on the strip.    The UI accepts the configuration without error, but there is no response to pressing the switch. 

I've looked high and low for documentation to guide me with no luck.  According to the spec sheet for this power strip, it does support multi-channel command protocols.

Someone on these forums did figure out (by guessing) that switch values of 255 and 0 equal on/off respectively so I was able to set up a scene to accomplish the control I want.  But I'd rather use the quicker and more efficient configuration of an association.  After a year and a half of living with my Vera Edge, my biggest complain is the sparse documentation of the controller and the many zwave devices.  Any hints om how to tackle this latest challenge would be most appreciated.

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Re: Configuring multi-channel device association
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 04:17:13 am »
I got the AL-DSC11 to report on all 6 endpoints but thats it the enery reporting is pretty good but its just shifted by 2 i may have to go in a try to reconfigure the hardware to see if i can get the working as it should