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DSC System with Camera
« on: May 19, 2017, 12:58:55 pm »
Hello, I have followed many posts and still can not make the final decision based on cost. So , I have decided to post this one and hoped that some experts will provide the recommendations. I have inactivated security alarm with DSC pc832 panel connected with 1 motion sensor, 1 fire detector and three door magnets. I would like to either replace a new panel or purchase motion cameras with dvr systems. I shop for DSC system cause it is already installed in the house and wired. I do know that all I want is to have a security system that can take images, save to dvr or pc, capable to send text and/or email to android or iphone and I can control the system with my smartphone. Can someone recommend a reliable system and cost me no more than $300 ($500 is too much for me budget). Thanks in advance.

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Re: DSC System with Camera
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2017, 01:39:13 am »
Get yourself an Envisalink and connect it to your LAN and your 5010 (832) and you will be able to control your existing 5010 from any mobile device.

A Security Video Recorder is a completely separate system and topic.
There are many SVR systems to choose from. Too many differences to recommend one.
The first question you have to answer is, "do I want IP, analog, or both types of cameras? Then get your cameras and SVR at the same place. That way they can't blame each other if the system does not work together.
For me, I like prefer IP because I can use the video streams on different devices like tablets. If you do not plan on doing that, then you may want to get analog cameras and save a few bucks.

The second question is audio. Does your state allow audio recording? Do I want it? In my opinion, YES you do.

The third is Pan, Tilt, Zoom. (PTZ) This moves the camera up, down, left, right and zooms in. Very useful in big open areas.

Things to look for.
Higer res cameras are better. I would stay away from any under 2MP.
Wider angle lenses 3mm and lower.
HDR is a plus.
IR illumination for night use.

Once you answer those questions, you can narrow down a seller and system.
I will be happy to answer specific questions you may have.