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Author Topic: Dashboard, Alerts, and Notifications improvement requests  (Read 985 times)

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Dashboard, Alerts, and Notifications improvement requests
« on: March 15, 2017, 11:59:52 am »
Currently (as of 3/15/2017), the Dashboard page shows Alerts in a yellow banner just below your name.  Currently there is no fast way to remove/clear these.  Each message must be X'd then an acknowledgement dialog OK'd.  So, this means if you have 20 alerts, you must click 40 times.  Once to "delete" the message and once to acknowledge deletion.  There should be a Clear All option and/or an option to immediately delete without acknowledging.

Regarding Notifications, I would like to propose that an option be added which would allow a notification to be muted for a set amount of time.  For example (my current problem) I have a Kwikset 916 door lock.  My Vera Plus is configured to send me a notification when the battery is low.  The problem is that now that the battery is low, I get Notifications constantly (approximately every 5 minutes).  The option should be something like "Do not repeat same Notification for XXX minutes", where XXX is a number that I can choose.  I was forced to disable this notification until I have time to replace the batteries in the door lock.

I personally think the current behavior is a bug.
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