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Author Topic: Remote connection not working under 1.1.1047  (Read 7117 times)

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Re: Remote connection not working under 1.1.1047
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2010, 08:22:00 pm »
hacksr00t: Concerning the remote access, aside from one issue which was discovered about the password where, without getting into too much details, if you have a "J" (capital letter j) in your password, iVera has a problem encrypting/decrypting it on the fly. This was found after 1.0.3 was pushed unfortunately but will be taken care of in next update. So, if you actually have a "J" in your password, could you check if removing it fixes your issue. If not, could you send me an email at iVera-bug@thinkiwi.com so I can look at it?

Concerning multi-tasking, next iVera release (1.1.0) will not only bring iOS4 multi-tasking support but also an improved connection management (so even non-iOS4 users can benefit from a speed improvement when starting iVera).
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Re: Remote connection not working under 1.1.1047
« Reply #16 on: October 14, 2010, 09:43:44 pm »
For the benefit of others out there who may be having issue with ivera, I sent in an email to Ivera today and basically determined that I can fix the issue of not connecting via 3G, If I change my password on cp.mios to something very simple, all lower case letters only (in my case it is less than 7)..  Doing just that is what started remote working for me, perhaps  this can help anyone else who may run into the same issue.. try changing your password to something very simple.. then reset settings and try again.

Worked for me and I was able to re-duplicate the experience.. complicated passwords do not seem to jive well with 3G access via ivera (upper/lower case, more than 10, non-alpha, etc) in the current version..  This is un-confirmed from the developer so far.. so ymmv, just sharing my experience...  my iphone4 could be buggy as all hell and virus infested and causing the issue at hand, hopefully that isn't the case ;)