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Author Topic: Creating user account for FindVera.com doesn't change the content  (Read 4293 times)

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Once the user has entered the information requested on the FindVera.com page, the FindVera.com page does not reflect that an account has been set up. This is confusing as it is difficult to tell whether the action completed successfully after clicking on the "Activate".

The messaging "Note: Your FindVera.com username + password is unrelated to those on the Users tab." could be understood as an error (meaning that you entered a user name and password that wasn't related to the accounts under users when it should have been) after no easily visible change occurs.

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Re: Creating user account for FindVera.com doesn't change the content
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2008, 01:55:58 pm »
When I setup my system first time, it did change correctly and I saw that it was created.

When my system froze and would not reboot completely 10 minutes later, I went back in and re-registered to sync the account (right terminology) and it didn't refresh until I stepped out of the screen.

But now I can't access the box from outside. It's says the host is no running.