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Author Topic: [Bug] VA not adding new Notifications + Report has Duplicates that do not exist  (Read 726 times)

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*updated with more troubleshooting info*

VA screens attached + Report

2 issues, maybe related to FW 1.7.2558 interaction with VA?

1. VA not updating with newly added Notification.   *Figure out how to reproduce - is this a bug?

How to repro:
Under Notifications in the PLEG device if you create a NEW notification AND none of the users are selected to get the notification, it will not show up in VA.  Point of note, ALL my prior notifications did not have any user selected and they were showing in VA, and working, just fine.

2. DUPLICATES in VA Report that do not exist. The attached Report shows notifications shows many duplicates that should not be there (there are no duplicates in the PLEG devices they came from)

I also pulled the Triggers report from AltUI: Triggers (40 total) shows 13 from PLEG Alerts device BUT that device has 23 Notifications set.
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