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HTD MCA-66, MC66, Lync 6 AND 12 Plugin Working

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--- Quote from: Newzwaver on January 03, 2018, 07:54:49 pm --- Hi

I have fixed the plugin and everything works with the exception of the slider, it did work but something has changed and I need to fix it.  For some reason the files uploaded in the plugin are not the same as I am uploading.  Go back to the files I supplied in this post and load them into you vera this will fix the issue until I can chat with Vera Tech Support.

--- End quote ---

Ok, I should go use the latest files you attached in the other thread. Should I delete all of the devices/controller that the plugin created before I do that?


no need to delete this will overwrite everything. message me if you have any issues

Updated and will be in the App Store, you can manually change your sources.  Working on an auto and the screen view was changed someone asked for it.  Also on the main device, Alexa and Google you can access sources. 

Just wondering if has the latest code?  I'm asking since I'm looking to do an implementation for the MC-66/GW-SL1 for SmartThings.  I figured I could look at your work and learn a few things.


Ok sorry for the regressive post however new to Vera but now new to Htd valet app.   Where do I get the plugin for a lync12 as the one I pulled from the Vera store doesn't allow source changes.  I am looking to change using presets or just walk into a room and change source


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