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HTD MCA-66, MC66, Lync 6 AND 12 Plugin Working

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Got this plugin installed and working, but the controller device persistently nags that "Can't Detect Device" in a red banner. Any tip to make that go away? All the functionality is there and everything works right away when I click "All On" or "All Off", so not sure why it says it can't detect something. Any ideas?


Can you check the settings under advanced and then variables?   Can you post a pic?  You may have to change the commfailure from 1 to 0.

Thank you for developing this!!!

I will be happy to provide feedback and testing. I have a VeraPlus and the MCA66 with HTD MCA66 GW device.

I installed the plug-in successfully. Then I set the IP and mac address in the Advanced->Params tab. (use a static DHCP, so it stays put).

The plug-in created 6 HTD audio zone devices automatically for me. I was getting the message of "Can't connect to device" but I followed your recommendation and set CommFailure=0. The message went away. The HTD Controller device responds to the all on/off command. Each device seems to respond to the on/off command. Volume +/- works and the source select works. The results reflect in the Valet app on my phone.


* The volume slider for an audio zone does not work. If I move the slider I get a popup in UI that says ERROR: Invalid Service
* Using the vol up/down buttons is not reflected in the slider.
* The source button for the currently selected source is not highlighted.
* Power status is not reflected with highlighted button.
* Creating a scene with devices is limited. No way to selected source for a zone when creating scene.
* Scenes with HTD zone does not run if vol set. Just says Scene run fail.
* Scene with just on/off for zones seem to run but with no effect.
So, this is a great start but not really usable yet. To replace the Valet app we will need to be able to set zone mode, source and volume. Same as using presets in the Valet app. If a scene could just trigger an already configured preset that would be fine.

I'm happy to collect any logs or other info that might be helpful.

Thanks again for the work!

edit: I am showing app version 1.1. Installed from the app store not via the files in the other thread...


I have fixed the plugin and everything works with the exception of the slider, it did work but something has changed and I need to fix it.  For some reason the files uploaded in the plugin are not the same as I am uploading.  Go back to the files I supplied in this post and load them into you vera this will fix the issue until I can chat with Vera Tech Support.

New to the forum and Vera but have used my Lync 12 for the past year.  I just purchased a Vera Plus and was able to load the app and can see 12 zones but I only have on/off volume up/down and mute on/off control.  I do not see where I can select a source.  I also have a general zone that when you are in the UI shows all the sources but gives an error when you select one.  I am new to Vera and Alexa and any help on the set up and scenes is appreciated.  I tried to IM Newzwaver but it appears I am unable to right now.


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