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Re: Sengled Element Classic & Element Touch
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An add-on switch is slave device that is mated with an in-wall switch such as the GE In-Wall Smart Switch, creating the equivalent of a traditional 3-way switch configuration. It doesn't sound like it will help you based on your explanation of the issue. The Fibaro "button" you mention is just a remote control with only one button and would work, but as you say is quite expensive for what it does. I have 4 of the Sengled Element Classics in lamps in my living room that I used for a time with an Aeon Labs Minimote without issue (4 buttons). You could set it up with separate lamps on separate buttons and/or multiple on one button via a scene. Each button can provide separate function for short and long presses, effectively making it an 8-function remote. The trick will be getting the fam to use the remote rather than the lamp switches. ;-)