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Author Topic: Fibaro FGS-213 relay stick 5000w  (Read 561 times)

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Fibaro FGS-213 relay stick 5000w
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:56:31 am »

After I read on this forum seems some Fibaro module really got stick on some led driver and other device that has electronic inside other than resistive loads.  I not find any information that show if this happen to old models of modules only or also happen to new models.
Since new Fibaro FGS-213 module can handle only 8A ~ 230v = 1840w and only resistive loads, and I plan to use module in a DIN rail enclosure and power a contactor 16A to power in this way my electric oven that has 2500w, and other device that need more than 4500-5000w.
I connect my oven direct to Fibaro module and I've got overcurrent notification each time.
Anybody use Fibaro modules to increse power whit a contractor 16A or 20A with 220v coil? This will damage Fibaro module really?
I found other solution to use Fibaro FGS-213 with solid state relay, but in this case are some problems:
Heat (SSR relay at 20A become hot) and in a DIN rail enclosure....is not ok. Imagine you have 10 circuits.
LED lamps glowing when off or even flick (is a fix by adding a normal light bulb in parallel of leds)