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Is there some way to stop UI7 redirecting me to the firmware upgrade page every time?

I have no intention of updating my firmware now I have a stable system and since it doesn't seem to offer me anything useful.

But every time I access the web UI it bounces me to the firmware page, even if I put in the full URL with #dashboard or whatever.

Seriously, normally you get used to a UI, but Vera's just sucks more and more as I discover this crap.

And why not just use a notification?  They take up half the screen to show absolutely nothing of any use, and now here's an ideal use-case and it does a stupid redirect to a whole new page instead.  There's a reason it's called a dashboard - you're supposed to show important things there, not bypass it.

Hack answer to my own question - slightly ironic to avoid a firmware upgrade warning, but...

make a backup copy and then delete this line from /www/cmh/js/main.js:

--- Code: ---application.addEvent("on_ui_requireUpgrade", myInterface, "requireUpgrade");
--- End code ---

Can you tell me where to find the file you refer to? I'm so tired of seeing the firmware upgrade message.

I'd appreciate any help since I'm not a programmer.


If you're not comfortable with Linux or technical hacks then I wouldn't recommend it, but here are the instructions.

0. Backup your Vera

1. Attach to your Vera via SCP (e.g. using WinSCP), normal root login

2. In folder /www/cmh/js find the file called main.js (it's actually a symbolic link to the RO filesystem)

3. Copy it to main.js.old as a backup (or onto your PC somewhere)

4. Delete the file - this removes the symbolic link

5. Copy/upload main.js.old to main.js in that folder - you now have a "real" file you can edit

6. Edit the file to remove the line "application.addEvent("on_ui_requireUpgrade", myInterface, "requireUpgrade");" (WinSCP has an "Edit" option which automatically downloads the file and then uploads it back when you save and close the editor)

7. All done

You can also do it directly via SSH terminal, but bear in mind you have to replace the symbolic link with a real file, the location the link points to is read-only.

Oh... thanks much for this... That page was not only annoying but got hung up more than once in the redirect.



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