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Author Topic: GE 45613 (aka 12722) Switch to control Levitron Vizia RF+ (VRPD3) Plug in module  (Read 487 times)

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I am looking for guidance in fine tuning my Vera Edge System running 1.7.2414.  I currently have a GE/Jasco 45613/12722 Switch installed to turn a ceiling light on/off. 

I purchased a Levitron Vizia RF+ plug in module for a lamp that I would like to turn on and off with the ceiling light.

I do not want to create a scene, I want it to run as an association so that whether the switch is pressed or the button on the app is pressed for the ceiling light the lamp module is automatically controlled. 

My goal would be to have the Vera Edge Controller recognize (associate) the GE 12722 switch and the Levitron lamp module as one device and only see it as one device in my list of devices (make the lamp module invisible).

I found generic procedures for creating associations in the controller but I believe I am missing a step or the devices are not capable.

After scouring the forum, every GE/Jasco and Levitron document and site I have not been able to locate this information.  Can anyone assist or point me in the right direction?



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As I described in my response to your other very similar post, the Jasco devices do not support associations.

To control your VRPD3 Plug in module, you will need to use a scene or replace the Jasco switch with one that supports associations, such as a Leviton or Cooper switch.