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Author Topic: UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.20 (1.7.919/1.7.2607/1.7.2608) ▾ February 21, 2017  (Read 14623 times)

Marc Shenker

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    Vera3, VeraLite, & VeraLite G: 1.7.919
    VeraEdge: 1.7.2607
    VeraPlus: 1.7.2608

New Features

    VeraDrive cloud storage is now the default location for video and photo files (affects new users only)
    Nest Thermostat - added support for Eco mode in Home/Night/Away/Vacation modes

Fixes and Improvements
Amazon Alexa Native Skills Integration - Improvements in Basic Controls and Functionality

To access the Amazon Alexa Beta you must register at http://eepurl.com/co0Nur

PLEASE NOTE: Initially, only select markets will be supported (http://alexa.amazon.com and http://alexa.amazon.co.uk). We will add http://alexa.amazon.de in the coming weeks. If you are in the DE market, we will notify you via email as soon as your region is activated.

    Dim / brighten functions (all dimmers)
    Increase / Decrease temperature (all thermostats)
    Improved authorization flow
    Improved performance and timing
    Improved scenes
    Improved security

Alexa Beta Skill Support Article

    Fixed crash affecting controllers with scenes without devices (e.g. scene with manual trigger, that only runs luup code).

Other Fixes:

    Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 fix for trip/untrip issues and luup engine implications
    Scene names containing special characters cannot be saved
    Improper encoding for variable values containing special characters
    'Failed to save system configuration' error shows up when trying to edit scenes (due to Luup code encoding)
    Cannot set temperature notifications with negative values directly from the device
    The sensor icons are incorrectly displayed (resembling early UI7 builds)
    Make Remotec ZRC-90 work on all frequencies, and enable double-tap functionality
    Show the 'Manually install the camera' button in the generic Install New Camera wizard
    Camera manual install - add option to fill in IP address directly (without selecting it from the list)
    Bug fixes for concurrent scenarios involving door lock pin codes
    Shortcut "Turn All On/Turn All Off" not working with light switches
    Selected language is not maintained when switching between controllers on same account
    Cannot change setpoint for thermostats is not saved in scenes
    Device action summary is not correctly displayed for a device that has a color picker
    Summary color picker is not updated although the device reports correctly (CurrentColor variable)
    Fix engine crash that affects controllers that have scenes that don't contain any devices (e.g. a scene with a manual trigger that only runs luup code).
    LuaUPnP crash on remote requests

Known Issues

    I2/I3 Inputs cannot be triggered for Qubino Flush 1 Relay, Flush 1D Relay, Flush Dimmer
    Cannot wirelessly connect a VeraEdge Controller to a Wi-Fi access point with special characters in its SSID
    VeraPlus cannot add cameras in some cases using SYNC (WPS) button


(added 2/3/17)
Major Camera Stream Stability and Quality Improvements:

    Fixed an issue where, after selecting mJPEG as primary stream, the Camera Control still plays H.264 when the stream reloads;
    Fixed an issue where the camera stream does not remember user selection (mJPEG or H.264) during current session;
    Fixed an issue where the H.264 stream restarts uncontrollably;
    Fixed an issue where the video is not synchronized (Relay and Local);
    Fixed an issue where Audio is not correctly decoded on some mobile devices and the H.264 stream crashes;
    Request Display to stay awake when the Camera is Streaming;
    Use only 480p stream on Mobile, because the hardware is not able to decode 30fps HD stream;
    Preserve Camera Aspect Ratio on Video Stream Player;
    Correctly exit Fullscreen when the Camera Stream is Fullscreen and the user selects the "Back" Hardware button;
    A timeout of 10 seconds was added to "Retrieve H.264 Stream URI". After this time the camera automatically goes to mJPEG;
    A new option on Settings -> General was added to control the update interval for cameras preview;

Door Lock PIN Codes Management (on supported devices):

    For every door lock, add and remove PIN codes (available as an advanced Settings control);
    Manage Daily or Weekly restrictions for every PIN code;

Storage, Cellular and Battery Cards are included for the new VeraSecure;
Other Fixes and Improvements:

    Add "My Location" button on Geofences Map (the button is available only when Location Services are active);
    Create a dynamic Loader, displayed on screen while the data is not loaded (fix messages like "no devices found", even if there are devices on the controller);
    Fixed an issue where Devices are not correctly sorted by Name on Scenes Triggers and Actions;
    Fixed an issue where Alerts Filtering is not properly done (does not take into account Controller Time Zone);
    Fixed an issue where Camera Recordings do not display the correct date and time.

New Features

    Added a new section called ?My Account?, where users can see and manage their active additional services:
        CMS / ACM - Users can change billing information
        CMS - Users can edit their emergency contacts
        ACM - Added support to switch storage providers
        ACM - Added support to upgrade to Platinum Plan
    Tech Support enabling from app
    Adding pin codes for Door locks from app
    Pinch and double tap zoom for live streaming and picture viewer
    Added support for ?Eco? mode for Nest thermostat

Fixes and Improvements

    Garage door opener status icon is reversed on the iOS app (compared to the web UI icon)
    Roller shutter displays switched for showing open / closed states (compared to web UI)

Known Issues

    NodOn Wall Switch, NodOn Octan and NodOn Soft Remote?s actions can?t be added as triggers in scenes