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Author Topic: MOST alerts missing... could 'Error in lua for scenes and events' cause it?  (Read 518 times)

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I have noticed the past few days I'm missing MOST alerts for the past several days. I woke up to find my last alert was from 5:58pm yesterday - I should have at least 5 alerts since then (doors opened, PLEG conditions, etc).

Two days ago I un-registering/re-registering the android app - Did not help.
This morning I looked at logs since before 5PM yesterday - no LUUP reboots occurred.

Could 'Error in lua for scenes and events' from other plugins loading cause Vera not to send notifications to VA?
- today I found several items in the log throwing this error (Harmony, AltUI, AltAppStore, House Mode plugin) ... PLEG / VeraAlerts is not throwing the error  (full vera log attached - in case that helps?)

I will enable the VA log so we can look at that if needed. thanks

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