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Here are some Tips for iTach, IR and UI7

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--- Quote from: rostmo on April 15, 2017, 12:47:53 pm ---@cormaza:

Step 1:
You will need to connect to your Vera with a file browser. If you are using Windows I recommend you download WinSCP. Download from here:

Step 2:
After installation of WinSCP you should be able to log into Vera by using it's IP.
Username is: root
password is noted under your Vera as the WIFI password

After you press login. You will then see all the files in Vera in the right pane.

Step 3:
You should now be able to navigate to the following path in the Vera File system:


Step 4:
In WinSCP locate the new lua file from your local drive. Navigate in the left pane to the correct path where the fie is located.

Than drag it over to the right pane, so it is copied to Vera. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are on the correct location in Vera, that is /usr/lib/lua

That should be it. Remember Tip 1, #3 in the original post. That is: luup.realod().

Please inform if I can assist further.

--- End quote ---

dear rostmo:
i folowed the detailed step by step instructions for transfet the file to vera. result: i'm controlling my ac conditioners (2) from scenes in vera :)

thank you very much for your help!!!

Best regards

Don Phillips:
+1 to rostmo for the excellent instructions to log into my Vera (and NAS). It may come in handy one day.

Hi @rostmo

Thanks for sharing this.

Seeing as you are using the GC100, have you got any examples that uses the serial port / RS232 connections ?

A 'sendser' function to add to your 'sendir' :)



Sorry for delayed reply.

No, I haven't done any other testing with this. Though I have had a private mail dialog with another user here (based on this thread) who used GC Flex. I can confirm that worked fine.

I think it ill work though, just apply the correct commands for RS232. The LUA file only opens IP connection to an IP host and submit a command which the host can understand. Rather simple. You might need to remove the "/r" which is added to the lines which is needed for IR (I'm not sure if it's needed for RS232). Test with or without it to see which work. Remember to execute luup.reaload() when updating the LUA file.

I'm planning to do the same with my AVR. That means not using IR but communicate directly with IP to the AVR. I just haven't had the time yet. IR is not a good solution for controlling volume, as it submits it by steps up or down. I want to send a certain volume percent (e.g. 65%) in one command.  I will update when I have tried it.


Thank You Rostmo !!

You are a life saver !!

I have managed to get multiple Flex units working on IR.

Now for the holy grail of Serial ....

I am anxiously waiting to see if anyone has had any success.

I think it is a different beast as the serial commands are different to the IR ....


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