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Author Topic: Connection Down - Connects for a moment and then no longer able to connect  (Read 539 times)

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Was feeling a bit discouraged trying to get everything working so I took a little break from trying to make things work. Finally decided to fire things back up and start troubleshooting some of the issues that others as well as my self have experienced and report them in such a way that conforms to the cybrmage stress reduction policy.

Unfortuantely I wasn't able to dive right into the previously reported issues because I seemed to be plauged with a new issue of no connectivity to my EVL. To get the troubleshooting started, I've rebooted my EVL, rebooted Vera (or rather OpenLuup in my case) and searched the forums to see what others have had this issue and what they've done to solve it.

After at least some due dilligence it appears that this issue is unique to any of the others I found so I decided to start a new post about it. So starting with cybrmage's policy...

1) LOGS... I've attached the logs with Debug enabled for the EVL plugin. As you can see it starts up and connects successfully but then says "Clearing" and seems to have trouble connecting thereafter.

2) Documentation ... Reread the documentation and didn't find anything that was relevant.

3) Not answered in a previous post... Again, I used the search functionality. Although I did see two others with similar issues, neither of the solutions (two devices attempting to connect to evl or zones not loaded) were relevant to my situation that I can tell.

Other notes.. EVL is up and running and succesfully reporting on the Eyezon website. Under the Envisilink TPI Status section it indicates "Offline" and "No Client".

So hopefully I've managed to make this post compliant and can get a little insight on how to get things back up and running.

Thanks a bunch!