Author Topic: Samsung SPE-100 encoder as an IP camera  (Read 565 times)

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Samsung SPE-100 encoder as an IP camera
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:25:22 pm »

I had this working fine. The SPE-100 takes an analog feed and makes it accessible over the network. I have it connected to our DVR and it shows the multiplexed screen (allows us to see all cameras through vera, but keeps the overhead low) from our DVR.

Accessing the JPG stream wasn't hard - the usual;


We access this feed on our cellphones as well.

I got frustrated with some unrelated issues I had with veras lua (and had scenes that predated the home/away/night/vacation modes, and now seemed to be conflicting with them), and decided I would install everything from scratch. I've now got everything up and running, but CANNOT get the encoder set up as an IP camera, and cannot for the life of me remember what I did last time to get it running.

I click through the 'add camera' settings until we get to 'manual'. I enter the jpg url (listed above, and confirmed to be working on my cell phone and a browser window), enter the username and password and click "test" which then spins endlessly as repeated pop up windows (labelled iPolis - thats the samsung  encoder) pop up asking for a name and password.

Anyone have any experience with this? I feel like I'm overlooking something simple, but would really like to get the multiplexed feed back into Vera.

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Re: Samsung SPE-100 encoder as an IP camera
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2017, 08:20:18 am »
Ok.... digging through the forums did eventually provide the answer. For anyone else searching for something along these lines, check this post;,39322.0.html

Try this.

Log in to UI7 and then copy and paste this into the address field.

of course first change the IP address and username/password info. More details are provided below.


The "http://Vera_Local_IP/port_3480/" means for example "
The URL is a bit tricky to figure out, and depends on the camera.  You may need to use either the image URL or video URL of the camera depending on what make/model it is.  You can also change a lot of settings and variables once the camera is added.

so assuming:
Vera IP is
Camera IP is
Camera user is "user"
Camera password is "pass"
Camera image URL is /image/jpeg.cgi

Then you have:,URL=/image/jpeg.cgi%0Aurn%3Amicasaverde-com%3AserviceId%3AHaDevice1%2CCommands%3Dcamera_full_screen%2Ccamera_archive_snapshot&Username=user&Password=pass&Reload=1

As mentioned before, once the camera is added, you can change a lot of the settings and variables.  But this at least will get you past the authentication pop-up and get the camera added under the Cameras section.