Author Topic: Is RTSP stream supported by Vera ?  (Read 978 times)

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Is RTSP stream supported by Vera ?
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:11:20 am »
I just got a camera that dont (as far as I know) dont have any options to enter a snap-shot adress, but it has a RTSP strean that works with for instance VLC and ImperiHome, bur I am not able to get this to work with the Vera.
Does anybody know if RTSP streams is supported by Vera and if Yes, is there any guide / how-to out there that describe how to do it ?

Help would be much appretiated !

Thanks / Ronnie

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Re: Is RTSP stream supported by Vera ?
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2017, 05:23:38 pm »
Not as far as I know.  I have 4 cameras using RTSP and I use Blue Iris with a plug-in for Vera. I also use the virtual motion detector plug-in so the cameras act as motion sensors.  Lastly, I have a simple LUA command to arm/disarm Blue Iris when I am in Away/Night/Vacation mode.
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