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Author Topic: Pool Filter Pressure Sensor using Fibaro RGBW  (Read 1424 times)

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Pool Filter Pressure Sensor using Fibaro RGBW
« on: December 27, 2016, 06:21:01 pm »
I am trying to use a Fibaro RGBW controller 0-10VDC input to connect to a 0.5-4.5 DVC 60 PSI sensor.
I have the Fibaro reporting back the voltage value in % on the input with an adjustable power supply (for testing input) while I wait for the voltage regulator for the sensor but I would need to basically double the variable seen on that channel. I probably don't have the correct pressure transducer right now since it would only make that about 1.5V change but I would like to be able get the math working so that I can make factoring adjustments (in PLEG I guess) to which sensor I settle on (10DVC are harder to find).

My DE pool filter is normally ~21PSI and when it hits ~30PSI I would like to have it alert me but I want to graph this (Data Mine) so that I can confirm that the pool service did indeed backwash or refresh the DE filter (I normally do this myself but have some extended business travel upcoming) and want to remotely monitor this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as I don't have any skills with LUA and haven't been successful getting PLEG to get the value and factor it.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Pool Filter Pressure Sensor using Fibaro RGBW
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 04:24:54 pm »
I'm watching this as I'm wondering what you settle on for a transducer. I have a project going that I might be able to use pressure in the line to indicate a flow rate above a certain level. I've looked for an inline flow switch, but haven't had much luck finding one that will meet my needs...