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This is not meant to be a complete listing of compatible devices and it does not replace our compatibility page. Instead it comes as an extension for devices that have may have not gone through our evaluation, but still known to "play nice" with Vera, even if sometimes they might have minor issues.

Please don't post devices that don't even work at basic level or have critical bugs. If you wish to report a bug, please use our support form or just create a topic in the dedicated category of this forum.
"Known to work" is only is valid for latest official UI7 firmware and it does not include any Beta's or UI5/UI6. So please don't report if you are not running latest available firmware.

All reported devices will be updated on this first page.

For the purpose of keeping this topic nice and tidy and easy to read, I will delete any posts that do not follow the lines and purpose of this topic.

Thanks for everyone who is going to contribute to this list.

- Fortrezz SSA2
- Ecobee Wifi Thermostat - works using third party plugin developed by Watou
- Heatit Z-Wave Thermostat:

- Aeon HEM G2

- Aeon Labs ZW056 Doorbell
- Doorbird D10X/D20X Series:
- Black Cat (AU) Siren and chime

Power Outlets, Dimmers & Lights
- GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch
- GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Dimmer
- Kichler Lighting 12387BK
- Philio/Black cat(AU) Single Relay In wall controller
- Philio/Black cat(AU) Double Relay In wall controller
- Philio/Black cat(AU) Single Relay In wall controller
- Zooz ZEN20 Z-Wave PLUS Smart Energy Power Strip
- NEO Coolcam  (PN E-P16-A02-301)*needs additional configuration

Door Locks
- Yale YRD120-ZW
- Yale YRL220[
- Kwikset SmartCode Lever
- Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

- First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon
- Monoprice/Vision motion sensors
- Everspring HSM02
- Sensative Strips
- Linear/GoControl WADWAZ-1
- Ecolink Tilt sensor- Vision/Monoprice Tilt Sensor ZG8101
- Vision/Monoprice ZS5101 Glass Break Sensor
- Aeon DSB05 (4in1 Gen5)- Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1Gen 3
- Vision ZP3111-5 (4in1)- Ecolink ECO-PIR
- Zooz Z-Wave Plus Water Sensor ZSE30
- Philio / Black cat(AU) 4 in 1 sensor
- Dome / Black cat(AU) Door window sensor
- Dome / Black cat(AU)Water detector
- Dome / Black cat(AU) Cat's eye PIR sensor
- NEO Coolcam  (E-D01-A4-310)*needs additional configuration
- Handheld- ZRC-90 Scene Master
- NYCE (NCZ-3010)
Garage Door Openers
- Linear/GoControl/NuTone GD00Z-4

Blinds & Window Covering Control
- Somfy Z-Wave RTS Interface (ZRTSI)- Autoview/Bali Z-Wave Somfy blinds

- Amcrest IP2M-848E PTZ dome camera
- Amcrest IP2M-844EW
- Foscam 8xxxx and 9xxxx
- Hikvision

Thermostat: Ecobee

Energy: Aeon HEM G2

Dimmers and Light switch: All GE, Leviton, Cooper. Hue through the App. Monoprice/Vision Relays (single and dual)

Door Locks: Yale YRL and YRD zwave

Monoprice/Vision motion sensors
EverSpring HSM02
Sensative Strips
Linear WADWAZ-1
Ecolink Tilt sensor
Vision ZG8101 (monoprice tilt)
Vision ZS5101 (monoprice glass break)
Aeon DSB05 (4in1)
Everspring Motion
Linear WAPIRZ-1
Vision ZP3111-5 (4in1)
Ecolink ECO-PIR

Garage Door Openers: Linear GD00Z-4 aka Go Control aka Lowes Iris

Blinds and Window Covering:
Monoprice/Vision Curtain controller

Hi Rafale,

I will update the list shortly. If you have devices that worked after "temporary" fixes, applied by support please let me know as well.
Also, exact model name and numbers is a plus.

Thanks much.

The only one which required help from support is the WAPIRZ-1 which you are very familiar with... All the others didn't need much. Maybe only some configuration.

Now if you want the Zigbee ones... I also had to do a lot of reconfiguration for HVAC vents:

Ecovent Zwave Vents
Keen Home Zigbee vents SV01-412-MP-1.0 and SV01-410-MP-1.0

Got it, thank you for the immediate contribution.

Forgot to mentioned let's keep Zigbee devices outside of this topic, and I will create another topic for Zigbee.

But thank you for the idea.


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