Author Topic: Email, SMS, and EmailSMS - what is the difference and how are they configured?  (Read 647 times)

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I've searched the forum and google, and cannot find any explanation for the EmailSMS Unlimited in UI7. 
How do i configure EmailSMS for users?
Any help would be much appreciated. 
I do not wish to use Vera Alerts plugin as the EmailSMS functionality appears built into UI7 

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Hi there,

EmailSms is a feature that is built-in to Vera. But in order to work, you need to check with your mobile provider and activate this service for you.

If your mobile provider confirms you, that this service is enabled for your phone number. On the Vera side, just set Maximum number per day under Notification Limits, and make sure the correct phone number and service provider is selected under User info.
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Hi All,

Unlimited seems to work fine for me.  I think Vera programs the free email to sms when you sleect your carrier.  Every carrier usually has email that sends you a text.

My issue is that I'm getting some texts when I don't wan them.  For instance, I turned off Security Alerts, but I still get them for unlocking doors, but not for senors.

I don;t get them at all for System Access, but I do get them for Controller offline.  Very weird.

Also, does anybody know the low battery threshold Notification trigger, is it 5%?

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For a custom alert experience ... you might want to look at the "Vera Alerts" plugin.
It supports a wide variety of destinations for your notifications. If you have an Android phone, you will also want to look at the "Vera Alerts" mobile app, for Text to speech capabilities.