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Debug your Configuration
« on: April 30, 2017, 02:46:06 pm »
        I am sorry that  I have not been able to make the setup 100% bullet proof. With your help and feedback I hope to get there soon.
        If you have problems tell me what you have been able to accomplish from this list ... and provide me with your Vera Serial number.
        You can send me a personal message or email me.

        The following should help you get going and provide me with information to help you proceed.
        • Install the local ConciergeServer software and configure it from the browser
               If you want to access this local ConciergeServer from another machine use:
               Verify that the detected Concierge Server address is the static IP address of the machine running the software and not the loopback address 127.0.01
               Verify that you are using a Java 1.8  Virtual Machine.
               These can be checked by looking at the "Discovery" section from browser before you start configuring.
        • Configure your Vera Remote Access Accounts
              Verify that it discovers your Veras
              It should also find your Local Google Home and Google Cast Devices.
              When you see the Vera, Click the Connectivity button. When it passes it means Vera and Concierge server can both initiate a request to the other. Typical problems are:
          • The devices are not all on the same LAN. Typically the first 3 numbers of the IP address should be the same for:
            • Vera
            • Local Concierge Server
            • Google Home/Cast Devices
          • Fiirewall Issues on the machine running the Local Concierge Server
                    Turn off the firewall on see if things work. The firewall needs to accept connections from ports 8989 and 8998
          • Concierge Server did not setup your Vera Properly.
                    On your Vera goto Apps -> Develop Apps -> Startup Lua
                    Make sure it contains the line:   require("ConciergeServer")
                    On your Vera goto Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup Files
                    Make sure it contains a file named ConciergeServer.lua
                    If not you can extract this from the ConciergeServer.jar. Copy the file to and use zip to access a copy of the file.
                    Then use the Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup Files to upload. Make sure you check the "Reload" option.
        • At the bottom of the local ConciergeServer configuration page click:
                   Update Vera Concierge Server Cloud Info
        • Login to the Cloud Vera Concierge  "My Account" page with the same Google Account you will use to run you Google Assistant software
              (via Google Home, or your mobile phone)
        • Eliminated Step
        • Click the button labeled:
           This Verifies that the Vera Concierge Cloud server can talk your local Vera via the Vera Remote Access Servers, and that your Vera can forward requests to the Local Concierge Server.
        • If step 6 does not work then reboot the machine running the Local Concierge Server.
          This will try to reinitialize the software on your Vera.
          If that does not work:
          • On your Local Concierge Server goto logs, click Clear Display  then Display Log
          • On your Local Concierge Server goto the Config page and click Update and Restart
          • After about 4 minutes send email me  the output from the Log file.
        • If step 6 completes than all of the communication paths are setup properly. Not it's time to start talking.
              Using a mobil device with the Google Home app installed.
          • Make sure the app is using the same account as Step 4.
          • Use the Explore menu and Search for Vera Concierge
          • If it is already linked, unlink it.
          • Link it using the same account from Step 4.
        • On your Google Home say:
                      OK google talk to Vera Concierge
              It may not recognize this ... you might try to spell out Vera the first time ...
                      OK google talk to  V  E  R  A  Concierge
              It gets better after it successfully understands you..
        • If you have a light called Office Light  than you can say:
               Turn on the Office Light
        • If It does not understand something that you say ... just say goodbye ...
                Then open your Google Home app on your mobile.
                Select the menu entry. "My Activity"
                You can see what you said what Vera thought you said.
                Maybe you said Light, but Google assistant though you said lite.
                We can fix that two ways
                a) Spell out light
                    Turn on the Office L I G H T
                    It will learn as it goes
                b) Give your Office Light an alias called Office Lite
                    Go to your local ConciergeServer (See step 1)
                    Next to your Vera (in the Discovered Devices Section) click "Custom Settings"
                    Find your Device and add an Alias
                    Go back to the Browser page showing the ConciergeServer (See step 1) and click "Update Vera Concierge Server Cloud Info"
                    This will force the Google Assistant to rebuild it's knowledge of your devices and setting.
                    You can also force Vera Concierge to update it's current list of names by issuing the following command to Vera Concierge:
                     Reset "The Name Of Your Vera"
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Re: Debug your Configuration
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 08:21:58 pm »
I found some problems when testing on a Raspberry Pi 3.
The network does not become stable for almost 1 minute after booting.
By then the Vera Concierge has already failed trying to connect the Vera Cloud Servers.

For normal operation the ConciergeServer jar file is run with a single argument:

        java -jar ConciergeServer service
I have added some more arguments (available in 2.009) to help solve these problems:
-log  LogFilePath
-delay SecondsToDelay

The first argument help me find the problem. I will fix the installation process for linux to add the following to /etc/init.d/conciergeserver

Change the startup to be:
  java -jar ConciergeServer service -delay 60

If you do not want to uninstall/reinstall ... then you can edit/patch this file manually.

NOTE: If you do plan to update, the following is the process:
  • In the area where you install ConciergeServer.jar, there is an uninstall script, execute it!
  • Delete all of the files EXCEPT VeraPropertiers.jsonenc  This file contains all of your settings.
  • Copy the new ConciergeServer.jar into your work area.
  • Double click the file to execute it (This is equivalent to  java -jar ConciergeServer.jar)
  • You should have successfully upgraded, with all of the same configuration